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A simple authoring tool for complex documents.
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For science
Collaborate and verify
Free and open

Research is collaborative and dynamic.

Word processors are not. Manuscripts is a collaborative authoring tool built specifically to support scientific content and reproducibility, from the moment a project begins.

Plan and organise writing

Save time planning and formatting your work by utilizing one of over 1,300 built-in journal submission templates. Or, upload an existing file, start a blank document, or reformat one manuscript into another template automatically. Manuscripts structured documents support scientific work from the start.

Collaborate in real time

Invite and collaborate with coauthors live within Manuscripts. No more reconciling multiple versions - work alongside each other, leave comments, or work offline and sync your changes later.

Execute and verify

Include mathematical equations, code, and data and execute figures live with a behind-the-scenes Jupyter computational notebook integration. Make your work reproducible from the very beginning by including all the elements of your research in Manuscripts.

All the research features you need in one app

Write better research with Manuscripts.

Edit Content
  • Format citations and bibliography automatically.
  • Cross-referencing.
  • Footnotes and endnotes.
  • Multi-panel figures and tables.
  • Equations and inline math with LaTeX support.
  • Syntax-highlighted code snippets.
  • Menu and keyboard shortcuts for most actions.
  • Share document using links (read-write and read-only).
  • Invite and manage roles of collaborators.
  • Collaboratively format author lists with contributions and affiliations.
  • Manage styles associated with paragraph types, figures, tables, equations.
  • Use templates that bundle together a set of styles and content requirements.
Import and export
  • Import Markdown, Word, and LaTeX.
  • Export Markdown, Word, LaTeX, and PDF.
  • Directly submit your manuscripts to hundreds of journals in one click.
  • Support for JATSXML and HTML-first publishing workflows.
  • Annotate paragraphs, figures, tables, equations, code listings and citations.
  • Include quotes in annotation comments.
  • Mention keywords with #hashtags in annotation comments.
  • Mention contributors with @mentions in annotation comments.
Reference Management
  • Search for and add citations easily from CrossRef, PubMed, Datacite.
  • View and share references in a library across documents and projects.
  • Format citations and references in over 8,000 styles.
  • Outline: navigate, manipulate document structure using an outline view of it.
  • Smart gutter: shortcut actions for fast access to key editor features.

Free and open

Research is increasingly free and open to build on – research tools should be, too.

Manuscripts is modular: it is a product made of a series of separable components that can also be used to extend or create other systems.

One account for all your research

Manuscripts is part of Connect. By signing up for Manuscripts, you get access to all of Atypon's apps for discovering, organising, writing, and publishing research.

A simple writing tool for complex documents. Built for collaboration and scholarship.

A personalized discovery application for researchers and practitioners.

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